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Los Angeles Rams vs Dallas Cowboys 2017

Rams vs Cowboys 2017 LIVE STREAM NFL Game The Los Angeles Rams are one of the best teams in football and their NFC West leading 2-1 record is the case and point. Sure, their division is traditionally a little weak outside of Seattle and sometimes Arizona, but this is unprecedented. The reason people are talking is because they lit up screens everywhere last Thursday in San Francisco, came off a close nail biter with Washington and absolutely dominated the Colts in week 1 – they’ve earned the hype.

To win this game, that defense that always goes higher than you think it should in your fantasy draft will have to be on it again. If the Rams’ 12th best passing defense shows it’s teeth, Dak could be in trouble. The achilles heel for LA, though, is their run defense has been horrible thus far. They’re 29th in the league and last week surrendered 113 yards and three touchdowns on the ground for San Fran.

Rams vs Cowboys 2017 LIVE STREAM The Rams have shown that their ground game is solid with Todd Gurley tied for the league lead with four touchdowns. We know he’ll give them a run for his money, but it’s the air attack that could really hurt the Cowboys. It’s well expected that a run first offense will resort to what they know best, but if the Rams can catch dem Cowboys napping through the air, they could take over.

Where: AT&T Stadium – Arlington, Texas

When: Sunday, October 1, 1:00 PM ET

Rams vs Cowboys 2017 live stream tv channel Broadcast – FOX

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